Path of Dragonborn

A new friend, not forgotten

Following the successes of clearing the temple of its unworthy inhabitants, the party, scarred and wounded, began to travel back to the city of Gemdeep, massive tome in hand. Both the educated wizard Jonathan and the scholar-warrior Patrin had attempted to read the tome, but neither were familiar enough with the ancient draconic script that it was penned in.

Eager to decipher the secrets of his ancestry, Patrin was hopeful to find help within the Temple of Bahamut, hopefully in exchange for the meager coins he possessed, or perhaps even for the goodwill of reclaiming a temple of their faith.

Awaiting the party, at the gates of the city, was a message from Rothelle, the bard with whom Patrin had shared a brief bit of captivity with at the hands of some Kobolds. Rothelle had run afoul of a minor, yet influential merchant who had used his influence to have him locked up. The charge was theft, though Rothelle was quick to protest his innocence to Patrin and his allies, once they paid him a visit in the City jail.

Eager to help their ally, the party nevertheless had a primary task in delivering their ancient cargo to the temple of Bahamut. They made haste to the local temple, and delivered the tome to the high priest Coradan Lindara, who promised to not only keep the tome safe, but delve into its mystery.

HAving seen to that precious task, with yet another matter to look into, the adventurers first attended to the need for food and drink, taking up a table in a local establishment. As they dined, a group of human men, each wearing a distinct, differently colored robe, approached their table. The leader introduce himself as Quelas Tornar, a humble scholar, and expressed interest in their recent excursion to an ancient lost temple dedicated to Bahamut. The party, taken aback at the firsthand knowledge of their recent exploits was cautious at first, but when the scholars hinted at their potential ability to decipher the text, Patrin most of all was intrigued. Having already delivered the tome to the hands of the scholars, Patrin hastily agreed to deliver the tome to the scholars, should the temple be unable to decipher it. Visibly upset, the scholars purchased a few minor relics from Lix, before bidding the party good day.

Having eaten and drank their fill, the party then made their way to the nobles district, seeking out the daughter of the merchant with whom Rothelle had had a tryst with. Sanderia Darkeyes, daughter of Yenkul Darkeyes was quickly found by the party in a quiet tavern by the name of The Fairy’s Den, as she was quickly seducing a young half-elf. The party intervened on his behalf, sending him fleeing the tavern. Cornering the young woman, the party interrogated her in her role of having Rothelle locked up. She confessed to having a romantic rendezvous with the bard, and giving him minor trinkets from her fathers stock. A habit she had done several times previous. This time however, her father discovered the missing stock, and upon confronting his daughter, she claimed the bard stole them from her. Furious, the father had no recourse but to have him jailed and tried.

Using diplomacy and guilt, the group of adventurers convinced the young girl that Rothelle’s death would be on her hands unless she intervened at once. Collectively, they travelled to the home of the merchant, and the daughter confessed to her own part in the deceipt. Upset, but unwilling to be seen as weak in front of his peers, the merchant, Yenkul refused to refute his claim of theft. It was only after the [[Faceburners] offered their service that a bargain was reached.



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