Path of Dragonborn

Escape of Rutak

Following a short bit of downtime, 3 of the Faceburners confer as to their options going forward. Griz, sleeping off a short drinking binge, was left at the headquarters as Patrin, Jonathan and Kashana decided to follow up on a letter found within the abandoned temple of Bahamut.

The three adventurers began their investigation at the temple of Bahamut within the city of Gemdeep. As they arrived at the temple, the High Priest, Quelas Tornar greeted them, and exclaimed the good fortune of being graced by the presence of the Faceburners twice in one morning. Puzzled, the adventurers questioned the priest, who explained that he had released the body of their fallen companion Light to Griz earlier that morning. Patrin, remembering that Griz had been in a drunken slumber as they left this morning, brought up the matter with the priest. It was quickly deduced that the body was released to an imposter, accompanied by 4 cowled dwarves. The party, concerned about the missing body of their companion, decided to investigate the tracks of the wagon that carted their ally away.

Following the tracks, as well as the information granted to them by caravan guards, the party arrived at the southern gates at the city. As they conferred on the tracks, the party noticed a cowled, dwarven figure skulking about in a nearby alley, seemingly watching the group. Jonathan, utilizing his magic, notifies the being that he has been noticed, and that the group would question him. The dwarfish creature retreated back into the alley, and after notifying his allies, and charged out attacking.

A group of 6 duergar dwarves, led by a priest of Asmodeus, did battle with the adventurers, and fell to their prowess. The group, after dispatching the cultists, discovered a brief scroll outlining that the duergar were in fact worshippers of Asmodeus



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