Path of Dragonborn

The temple below

As the party descended deeper within the temple, they discovered the bodies of several kobolds in the lower entry hall. The room was a large, square one, with four exits. The north door, had a strange symbol etched into it, as well as the name Rutak. Both were scrawled in blood. Several of the kobolds had sharp claw marks, clearly the cause of death, though several others had no clear sign of a cause of death.

The intrepid group, not daunted by the death of these kobolds, further explored the lower tombs, discovering a small band of Myconids with whom they held a parlay with. The conversation struggled somewhat, as the Myconids were haughty, and tried to bully the party into defeating their current conqueror. Negotiations died when the wizard Jonathan threatened the Myconid king, telling him that he would “Burn his face”. This was the birth of the Faceburners. After a struggle with the Myconids, the party defeated them, letting two child Myconids escape.

Upon further exploration of the ruins, the party located a brig, which had become home to a pack of foul abberations, summoned from the realms of chaos. The party defeated the creatures, gaining some clues to the temples former, and current inhabitants.

The next major encounter saw the Faceburners facing off against a wight. The wight engaged several of the party members, while a ghoul servant of his abducted and fled down the tunnels with [Lix]. The wight had previously rigged a portcullis to a lever, which by pulling it, would seperate the group. The wight did so and fled down a small tunnel. The party split, chasing the two seperate undead creatures, which led to the lair of the leader of all the monsters within the lower catacombs.

[Rutak], the duergar spellcaster had been utilizing the myconid children to power an ancient and foul ritual. The ritual was designed to open a portal into the chaos realm, allowing him to draw in more servants to his madness. Upon learning of the arrival of the adventurers, Rutak had decided that they would prove to be a better source of fuel to the ritual than the puny myconids, and so he had instructed his undead servants to procure him one. As the rest of the party barged into his lair, Lix had been placed within a magical stasis field, and her life energy was being syphoned to power the portal that had begun opening. Several of the floating abominations were within the room, as well as magically animated demonic suits of armor. Rutak danced around wildly with glee, hurling insults and spells at the party, and laughing manically at the chaos around him.

Pulling together as a team, the party managed to defeat Rutaks minions, and deliver several near mortal blows to the Duergar himself. Sensing his eminent defeat, Rutak threw himself into the portal, which promptly winked out of existence.

Battered and bloodied, the party efficiently searched the ruins, and found the second seal, similar in shape and size to the very one that the Kobold Wyrmpriest had kept. After a short reprieve, the party returned to the first level of the temple, and to the altar hall.



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