Path of Dragonborn

Through the threshold, into the darkness

After a brief bit of confering amongst the party, it was quickly deduced that entrance could be gained should Patrin direct his Dragonborn breath at the door to gain entrance. The former inhabitants, being primarily Dragonborn themselves, had devised a method of limiting entrance to those that were clever, or those who were kin.

The group soon learned that they weren’t the only ones who were clever or akin to the former inhabitants. Within the entry hall to the temple the PC’s were ambushed by two traps, one, a simple flamejet statue, and the second, an insidious contraption devised by one of the kobold trapmasters that inhabited the dungeon. The party made their way warily throughout the once abandoned temple, finding several groups of violent and dangerous kobolds. Through determination, skill and teamwork, the adventurers managed to fight their way to the lair of the Kobolds leader, a cunning Wyrmpriest. The kobolds had waylaid another adventurer, within the swamp, a fierce dwarf named Griz. During the battle, Griz was able to free himself from his bonds, and the tide of battle turned quickly. Upon defeating the Kobold leader and his guards, the group discovered a hidden trap door, warded with both magical and mundane seals.

As they puzzled over the wards, and aided the recovery of the freed dwarf, a loud pounding resounded throughout the dungeon. The group readied their weapons, caught their breath, and returned to the entry hall. As they did, an intrepid wizard by the name of Jonathan Brando was gaining entry into the hall.

Jonathan had also cracked the puzzle of the Dragonborn temple, thanks in part to the guidance of a mysterious swamp seer who had approached him in the city of Gemdeep by the name of Lissa. Lissa had given Jonathan a prophetic message that his fate resided within a temple in the Evermire Swamp. The wizard felt that he had much to atone for, and so acting on this guidance, he joined the adventurers, and descended further into the temple with them,



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