Path of Dragonborn

To the Victor go the Spoils

Having defeated Rutak and his minions, the party discovered another medallion, similar to the one they had found on the body of the Kobold Wyrmpriest. Recognizing that the medallions shared the shape and size of two sockets within the altar of in the large prayer room of the temple, they made their way to the altar.

Gingerly, the party placed the two medallions within the sockets in the altar. A large grinding noise resonated within the hall, as the wall behind the altar slowly opened, revealing a large, hidden room. The party, sure that they had discovered a treasure trove, hastily entered. Within the large room, the party found a large pile of copper coins, an ancient tome resting on a well crafted stand, and a young, sleeping black dragon.

The dragon had been locked away within this vault, an unwitting and unwilling guardian to the treasure held most sacred to the temples original inhabitants. The warlock, Lighht was the first to approach the beast, thinking to reason with it. Slowly awakening from its slumber and realizing it may be close to escape, the creature was initially wary. Light continued his parlay, as his companions slowly filtered into the room to join him. As soon as the Dragon noticed Patrin, a Dragonborn looking so similar to those who had captured it, it flew into a rage, attacking the party.

Though the group scored many wounds against the young dragon, it ultimately escaped, flying off across the swamp, leaving the party to finally claim the temple as conquered, and reap the rewards.

Though the coins were plentiful, the sheer weight of the copper discouraged the adventurers from attempting to remove them, though to Patrin the potential information within the tome was more priceless than any monetary treasure.



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