Jonathan Brando


Jonathan was born in a peaceful farming village. Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of becoming a hero that will defend his land and protect his people, just like those in the legends. He decided to join the army when he was sixteen, despite the objections from his family. “War is not always as romantic as the bards’ tales,” his father used to tell him.

In the 4 years that followed, Avdol made many friends and killed many enemies. He had defended his land and protected his people, but he did not feel like a hero. His nights were haunted by faces of his dying foes. Their faces twisted with pain and agony. Thru their eyes, Jonathan saw the loved ones they left behind. He never thought he would become a maker of orphans and widows. He left the army as soon as his term was over.

Jonathan did not want to go back to his village for he was ashamed of himself. Not knowing where to go, he wandered across the soutern border, travelled from town to town, working whatever odd jobs he could find, hoping to escape the nightmares of war, hoping to find a way to clean his bloodied hands, hoping to find a purpose for his life.

Jonathan Brando

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