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Through the Swamp

Patrin set out from Gemdeep, following a bit of information he was able to dig up from a library at the temple of Bahamut regading a long abandoned temple within the Evermire swamp, south of the city. Despite being raised along the outskirts of the swamp, he seldom had traveled deeper within, so once he had gone into deeper territory than he was accustomed to, he was ambushed by a small band of kobolds by falling into a deep pit trap. Realizing he needed to escape, he began searching within the pit. He quickly dicovered he was not alone in the pit, but rather, there was a human Bard also captured, by the name of Rothelle Donaria. Patrin quickly devised a plan to distract the guard dogs who were acting as sentries for the kobolds, by tossing them some of his trail rations. With the dogs neutralized, Patrin quickly scaled the wall, lowering a rope to the bard. The pair made short work of the kobolds from there.

Meanwhile, in the City state of Gemdeep, a young aspiring treasure hunter operating under the name ‘Light’ was meeting his soon to be patron, Loroma Rezea. Loroma is a prosperous merchant who specializes in ancient relics, both magical and mundane. Using his considerable influence and wealth, he buys information regarding ancient ruins, and organizes adventuring parties to infiltrate and reclaim anything lost within. He then sells the relics to his clients, and pays the adventuring parties a handsome commission. Because of the nature of his business, Loroma primarily operates only with agents that he has a long standing relationship with, however, becasue of Patrin’s recent discovery of the abandoned temple, and the recent misfortunes that his most trusted agents had met, he was forced to hire a new and untested agent. This new agent, a young but fierce Tiefling who commanded an impressive command of the dark arts came with impressive reccomendations, and so, he was hired to track the Dragonborn, gain his trust and infiltrate the temple with him.

Never one to take unecessary risks, Loroma sent one of his trusted spies, the changeling Lix, as an escort. Lix came to him from the streets, an orphan with a shadowy past, and skills almost unmatched on the streets. As well as being an accomplished infiltrator, a master of intrigue, and more dextrous than a hunting cat, Lix is a master of the light blade. She keeps dozens of Shruikens on her person, as well as a razor sharp dagger. She found herself indebted to Loroma years ago, and has kept a small room within his house.

Changeling and Tiefling, an unlikely pair, set out through the south gates of Gemdeep, intent on tracking the Dragonborn. The gods must have been smiling upon them, as the delay that Patrin found within the swamps allowed the pair to overtake him. They came upon him just as he was dispatching the last of the kobolds, and the four, after some brief introductions, interrogated the last of the Kobolds. It was discovered that the Kobolds had been sent by a great dragon from the southern forests, in order to track an advanced party that had been sent out. The kobold warleader had with him a map, though some squabbling over the map several days earlier had led to portions of it being burned out.

After some discussion, it was agreed upon that three had better chances of survival than one, and Patrin agreed to allow the pair of treasure hunters to accompany him. Truly he cared not a whit for the treasures that may be found within the lost temple, but rather, he was only questing for information regarding his lost tribe. The bard Rothelle, having had his taste of both adventure, and swamp travel took his leave of the group, though he bid them to call upon him should they return to Gemdeep. Using both his extensive naturecraft and his familiarity with the swamp, Patrin led the small group. It was not an easy journey, and not fraught without some degree of disaster. A disastourous ravine crossing led to a fierce but brief encounter with a devious choker, and crossing a slow moving river that contained any number of unknown predators were but two of the challenges that faced the adventurers.

Despite the challenges, the group managed to survive a full day of travel and exploration, and as dusk settled upon them, they happened upon a small swamp hut, lit amidst the haze by several low burning torches. Apprehensive, they lurked just outside the shadows of the hut conferring as to what they should do. Seemingly sensing the group just outside the border of her light, an elderly half-elf stepped out and called to the party, welcoming her to her home for a night of food and rest, and most importantly safety.

Reluctantly, the trio entered the hut, a small but comfortable home, filled with all manner of fetish, ungents and other curious. The Half-elf spoke little, but assured the group that she meant them no harm, and that they were safe within her walls. Indeed, she spoke as though she had thoroughly anticipated their arrival, and were glad that they had made it this far. She conferred with them on their burnt map, and plotted a direct course to their location, but as they began to question how she knew so much of them, she reached within a small pouch and produced a fine powder, which, after throwing it in the air above them, promptly put them down for the night. They awoke the next morning with both theirselves, and their belongings in tact, and a personal note to each of them containing details that were unnerving. After a short meal, the group departed back into the swamp, where they felt invigorated. After several uneventful hours of travel, the sounds of battle met their ears.

The group quickly broke to a run to investigate, and came upon a clearing in which severl Lizardfolk hunters stood over the dead body of a massive alligator. Several other lizardfolk bodies littered the area, and it seemed that even the ones standing hadnt escaped injury. Not wanting to battle once again, the Lizardfolk were guarded, but receptive to parlay. Negotiations were tense, but with Patrin translating, things were close to being peaceful until Light, in typical Tiefling fashion, lost patience and incited a battle. Things quickly turned poorly for the adventurers and just as all was about to be lost, a knight, Leoman Ryth, loyal follower of Bahamut came crashing through the clearing and assisted the brave heroes. Dispatching the remaining Lizardfolk, Leoman quickly set to healing the party, and formally introduced himself.

After spending some time with the temple in Gemdeep, Leoman felt that the temple within the city had lost the vision of Bahamut, and rather than battling the forces of evil directly, they concerned themselves with local politics, and while they did good work in helping the poor and sick, Leoman felt they should be more active in spreading the word of the Deity. After having learned of this once proud order of Dragon born warriors of Bahamut, the paladin decided to investigate the temple and try to bring it back to its former glory. Leoman led the party to what he had found to be the entrance to the temple. The entrance was little more than a large stone structure that decended underground. The doorway was a massive stone faced carving of a dragon rearing up behind a Dragonborn knight battling a Demon. Inscribed in Draconic along the bottom of the door read “Only those blessed with the gifts of Bahamut may enter”

Through the threshold, into the darkness

After a brief bit of confering amongst the party, it was quickly deduced that entrance could be gained should Patrin direct his Dragonborn breath at the door to gain entrance. The former inhabitants, being primarily Dragonborn themselves, had devised a method of limiting entrance to those that were clever, or those who were kin.

The group soon learned that they weren’t the only ones who were clever or akin to the former inhabitants. Within the entry hall to the temple the PC’s were ambushed by two traps, one, a simple flamejet statue, and the second, an insidious contraption devised by one of the kobold trapmasters that inhabited the dungeon. The party made their way warily throughout the once abandoned temple, finding several groups of violent and dangerous kobolds. Through determination, skill and teamwork, the adventurers managed to fight their way to the lair of the Kobolds leader, a cunning Wyrmpriest. The kobolds had waylaid another adventurer, within the swamp, a fierce dwarf named Griz. During the battle, Griz was able to free himself from his bonds, and the tide of battle turned quickly. Upon defeating the Kobold leader and his guards, the group discovered a hidden trap door, warded with both magical and mundane seals.

As they puzzled over the wards, and aided the recovery of the freed dwarf, a loud pounding resounded throughout the dungeon. The group readied their weapons, caught their breath, and returned to the entry hall. As they did, an intrepid wizard by the name of Jonathan Brando was gaining entry into the hall.

Jonathan had also cracked the puzzle of the Dragonborn temple, thanks in part to the guidance of a mysterious swamp seer who had approached him in the city of Gemdeep by the name of Lissa. Lissa had given Jonathan a prophetic message that his fate resided within a temple in the Evermire Swamp. The wizard felt that he had much to atone for, and so acting on this guidance, he joined the adventurers, and descended further into the temple with them,

The temple below

As the party descended deeper within the temple, they discovered the bodies of several kobolds in the lower entry hall. The room was a large, square one, with four exits. The north door, had a strange symbol etched into it, as well as the name Rutak. Both were scrawled in blood. Several of the kobolds had sharp claw marks, clearly the cause of death, though several others had no clear sign of a cause of death.

The intrepid group, not daunted by the death of these kobolds, further explored the lower tombs, discovering a small band of Myconids with whom they held a parlay with. The conversation struggled somewhat, as the Myconids were haughty, and tried to bully the party into defeating their current conqueror. Negotiations died when the wizard Jonathan threatened the Myconid king, telling him that he would “Burn his face”. This was the birth of the Faceburners. After a struggle with the Myconids, the party defeated them, letting two child Myconids escape.

Upon further exploration of the ruins, the party located a brig, which had become home to a pack of foul abberations, summoned from the realms of chaos. The party defeated the creatures, gaining some clues to the temples former, and current inhabitants.

The next major encounter saw the Faceburners facing off against a wight. The wight engaged several of the party members, while a ghoul servant of his abducted and fled down the tunnels with [Lix]. The wight had previously rigged a portcullis to a lever, which by pulling it, would seperate the group. The wight did so and fled down a small tunnel. The party split, chasing the two seperate undead creatures, which led to the lair of the leader of all the monsters within the lower catacombs.

[Rutak], the duergar spellcaster had been utilizing the myconid children to power an ancient and foul ritual. The ritual was designed to open a portal into the chaos realm, allowing him to draw in more servants to his madness. Upon learning of the arrival of the adventurers, Rutak had decided that they would prove to be a better source of fuel to the ritual than the puny myconids, and so he had instructed his undead servants to procure him one. As the rest of the party barged into his lair, Lix had been placed within a magical stasis field, and her life energy was being syphoned to power the portal that had begun opening. Several of the floating abominations were within the room, as well as magically animated demonic suits of armor. Rutak danced around wildly with glee, hurling insults and spells at the party, and laughing manically at the chaos around him.

Pulling together as a team, the party managed to defeat Rutaks minions, and deliver several near mortal blows to the Duergar himself. Sensing his eminent defeat, Rutak threw himself into the portal, which promptly winked out of existence.

Battered and bloodied, the party efficiently searched the ruins, and found the second seal, similar in shape and size to the very one that the Kobold Wyrmpriest had kept. After a short reprieve, the party returned to the first level of the temple, and to the altar hall.

To the Victor go the Spoils
Having defeated Rutak and his minions, the party discovered another medallion, similar to the one they had found on the body of the Kobold Wyrmpriest. Recognizing that the medallions shared the shape and size of two sockets within the altar of in the large prayer room of the temple, they made their way to the altar.

Gingerly, the party placed the two medallions within the sockets in the altar. A large grinding noise resonated within the hall, as the wall behind the altar slowly opened, revealing a large, hidden room. The party, sure that they had discovered a treasure trove, hastily entered. Within the large room, the party found a large pile of copper coins, an ancient tome resting on a well crafted stand, and a young, sleeping black dragon.

The dragon had been locked away within this vault, an unwitting and unwilling guardian to the treasure held most sacred to the temples original inhabitants. The warlock, Lighht was the first to approach the beast, thinking to reason with it. Slowly awakening from its slumber and realizing it may be close to escape, the creature was initially wary. Light continued his parlay, as his companions slowly filtered into the room to join him. As soon as the Dragon noticed Patrin, a Dragonborn looking so similar to those who had captured it, it flew into a rage, attacking the party.

Though the group scored many wounds against the young dragon, it ultimately escaped, flying off across the swamp, leaving the party to finally claim the temple as conquered, and reap the rewards.

Though the coins were plentiful, the sheer weight of the copper discouraged the adventurers from attempting to remove them, though to Patrin the potential information within the tome was more priceless than any monetary treasure.

Below the City

Following the death of Light, the party returned to Gemdeep to have him resurrected by the temple of Bahamut, with whom they have a long standing relationship with. Upon depositing the body of the warlock in the temple, they

Escape of Rutak

Following a short bit of downtime, 3 of the Faceburners confer as to their options going forward. Griz, sleeping off a short drinking binge, was left at the headquarters as Patrin, Jonathan and Kashana decided to follow up on a letter found within the abandoned temple of Bahamut.

The three adventurers began their investigation at the temple of Bahamut within the city of Gemdeep. As they arrived at the temple, the High Priest, Quelas Tornar greeted them, and exclaimed the good fortune of being graced by the presence of the Faceburners twice in one morning. Puzzled, the adventurers questioned the priest, who explained that he had released the body of their fallen companion Light to Griz earlier that morning. Patrin, remembering that Griz had been in a drunken slumber as they left this morning, brought up the matter with the priest. It was quickly deduced that the body was released to an imposter, accompanied by 4 cowled dwarves. The party, concerned about the missing body of their companion, decided to investigate the tracks of the wagon that carted their ally away.

Following the tracks, as well as the information granted to them by caravan guards, the party arrived at the southern gates at the city. As they conferred on the tracks, the party noticed a cowled, dwarven figure skulking about in a nearby alley, seemingly watching the group. Jonathan, utilizing his magic, notifies the being that he has been noticed, and that the group would question him. The dwarfish creature retreated back into the alley, and after notifying his allies, and charged out attacking.

A group of 6 duergar dwarves, led by a priest of Asmodeus, did battle with the adventurers, and fell to their prowess. The group, after dispatching the cultists, discovered a brief scroll outlining that the duergar were in fact worshippers of Asmodeus

A new friend, not forgotten

Following the successes of clearing the temple of its unworthy inhabitants, the party, scarred and wounded, began to travel back to the city of Gemdeep, massive tome in hand. Both the educated wizard Jonathan and the scholar-warrior Patrin had attempted to read the tome, but neither were familiar enough with the ancient draconic script that it was penned in.

Eager to decipher the secrets of his ancestry, Patrin was hopeful to find help within the Temple of Bahamut, hopefully in exchange for the meager coins he possessed, or perhaps even for the goodwill of reclaiming a temple of their faith.

Awaiting the party, at the gates of the city, was a message from Rothelle, the bard with whom Patrin had shared a brief bit of captivity with at the hands of some Kobolds. Rothelle had run afoul of a minor, yet influential merchant who had used his influence to have him locked up. The charge was theft, though Rothelle was quick to protest his innocence to Patrin and his allies, once they paid him a visit in the City jail.

Eager to help their ally, the party nevertheless had a primary task in delivering their ancient cargo to the temple of Bahamut. They made haste to the local temple, and delivered the tome to the high priest Coradan Lindara, who promised to not only keep the tome safe, but delve into its mystery.

HAving seen to that precious task, with yet another matter to look into, the adventurers first attended to the need for food and drink, taking up a table in a local establishment. As they dined, a group of human men, each wearing a distinct, differently colored robe, approached their table. The leader introduce himself as Quelas Tornar, a humble scholar, and expressed interest in their recent excursion to an ancient lost temple dedicated to Bahamut. The party, taken aback at the firsthand knowledge of their recent exploits was cautious at first, but when the scholars hinted at their potential ability to decipher the text, Patrin most of all was intrigued. Having already delivered the tome to the hands of the scholars, Patrin hastily agreed to deliver the tome to the scholars, should the temple be unable to decipher it. Visibly upset, the scholars purchased a few minor relics from Lix, before bidding the party good day.

Having eaten and drank their fill, the party then made their way to the nobles district, seeking out the daughter of the merchant with whom Rothelle had had a tryst with. Sanderia Darkeyes, daughter of Yenkul Darkeyes was quickly found by the party in a quiet tavern by the name of The Fairy’s Den, as she was quickly seducing a young half-elf. The party intervened on his behalf, sending him fleeing the tavern. Cornering the young woman, the party interrogated her in her role of having Rothelle locked up. She confessed to having a romantic rendezvous with the bard, and giving him minor trinkets from her fathers stock. A habit she had done several times previous. This time however, her father discovered the missing stock, and upon confronting his daughter, she claimed the bard stole them from her. Furious, the father had no recourse but to have him jailed and tried.

Using diplomacy and guilt, the group of adventurers convinced the young girl that Rothelle’s death would be on her hands unless she intervened at once. Collectively, they travelled to the home of the merchant, and the daughter confessed to her own part in the deceipt. Upset, but unwilling to be seen as weak in front of his peers, the merchant, Yenkul refused to refute his claim of theft. It was only after the [[Faceburners] offered their service that a bargain was reached.


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