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Patrin is a Male Dragonborn Ranger who was born and raised within the Evermire swamp, south of Gemdeep. Throughout his birth and childhood, his true parents were unknown, and he was raised by a human ranger by the name of Andor. Patrin was taught the ways of the ranger by Andor, and through time, became a skilled archer, tracker, and naturalist. As Patrin reached adulthood, he became more and more curious about his heritage, and more specifically, his lost tribe.

By this time, Andor had become quite old, and was mostly unable to venture far from his small, swamp hut. Patrin was required for making trips to Gemdeep for supplies, and trade. During his visits to Gemdeep, Patrin came into contact with several Dragonborn, yet none shared the hue of scales that Patrin did. Determined to find a link to his clan and kin, Patrin began researching any history of Dragonborn within the Evermire swamp. Though his initial attempts at finding such records were fruitless, Patrin continued his research, spending any free time he had within Gemdeep pursuing his goals. It wasn’t until Andor passed away from old age that Patrin was able to fully commit to his pursuit, and within a few weeks of more diligent research, he was able to find an obscure mention of a temple of Dragonborn, lost within the Evermire Swamp.

Having been disheartened for so many years by lack of progress, Patrin departed hastily from Gemdeep, and pursued this elusive goal through the Evermire Swamp, heedless of the dangers that Andor had taught him to be wary of. As a result of this carelessness, Patrin was ambushed and trapped by a pack of kobolds, intent on finding the very temple that he himself sought. Patrin quickly discovered that he was not the only adventurer to fall prey to this particular band of kobolds, as there was another within the pit that confined him. A human bard named Rothelle had also been captured, though he seemed


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